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City Of Sydney To Embark On Australia’s Largest Rooftop Solar Installation

Solar array – University of Queensland

The City of Sydney is embarking on the construction of Australia’s largest rooftop solar installation, following an announcement of a plan to install a 1,250KWp (kilowatt peak) solar photovoltaic system across 30 rooftop sites within the Sydney city boundary.

According to REneweconomy, the company Solgen Energy has won the $6 million tender to install the solar panels. The installation is expected to generate about 2 million KWh of power per year, which is enough to provide 12.5% of the power needed for City-owned properties. Panels are slated to be installed on sites such as Town Hall House, Railway Square Bus Interchange, Redfern Oval grandstand, Sydney Park Pavilion, various suburban town halls, libraries, community centres, and council buildings.

During the tender process, a second tender was issued after the City realized solar panel prices had dropped so fast that deployment targets of 800KWp to 1,000KWp could be raised somewhat. In terms of carbon emissions reductions, the project is expected to prevent 2,100 tonnes of C02 per year from being released into the atmosphere. The city is aiming to generate 30% of its power from renewable sources by 2030.

In case you were wondering, the largest solar PV installation in Australia is currently at the University of Queensland, with 1,200KWp. It could be argued that this will still be a larger installation, as it’s all at one site. But that’s splitting hairs; at least significant solar power development in Australia is finally starting to get underway. In fact, as we reported recently, Australia seems to have finally realized it has more than its fair share of sunshine (as well as coal), and is starting to look like one the most promising solar markets in the world. Australia is set to have 1 million homes (out of 8 million) with solar installed within a year.

Image CC licensed by addiant One of the solar arrays installed at the University of Queensland

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