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Edible Coffee Cup: Sip The Coffee, Then Eat The Cookie Cup

Edible coffee cup

Ever have one of those “WHY didn’t I think of that?!” moments? I’m having a serious case of that about this edible coffee cup created by Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi.

The cup, created in collaboration with Italian coffee company Lavazza, seems like the perfect way to combine a cup of coffee and sweet treat without any waste. The edible cup tastes similar to an ice cream cone or biscotti, and the inside is lined with a special type of icing sugar that insulates the inside of the cup, making it waterproof while sweetening your drink.

Between no waste and less water consumption since it doesn’t have to be washed, it’s a much more sustainable way to enjoy a coffee-break and a little caffeine. There’s no word yet on where it will be available and how much it would cost, but the simple yet brilliant design has already collected a swathe of ecology, business, and marketing awards.

The tagline for the cup is “sip the coffee, then eat the cup.” I wonder if it comes with a disclaimer for those who will inevitably try to eat the cup and wonder why they have a lap full of coffee.

I’d love to try something like this and hope it catches on. Would you give it a shot?

Edible coffee cup

Image courtesy of Sardi Innovation

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