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First Affordable Net-Zero Eco Village To Be Built In Dunedin, Florida

Eco Village – Florida

August 1st marked the ground-breaking of the US’s first affordable net-zero, LEED certified townhome project: the Eco Village. Developed by Planet Green Group, the new townhomes will be located in Dunedin, Florida and feature 25 new townhomes that will produce just as much energy as they use up.

Planet Green Group is designing the townhouses using state-of-the-art building science and high performance products that allow home-owners to manage energy consumption. Buildings will be designed to reduce overall CO2 emissions, increase energy efficiency, and cut-down on water usage. A comprehensive solar system will convert sunlight to electricity and eliminate any electricity costs.

General Electric assisted Planet Green Group by providing expertise and products from its ecomagination series. The townhomes feature a number of products and services from ecomagination, including energy efficient appliances, LED lighting, and a Home Energy Management System.

But perhaps the most notable feature of the townhomes in the Eco Village is their price. With a price tag of around $135,000 – $175,000 each, these houses will be more affordable for the average American. In particular, Planet Green Group is looking to provide townhomes for “Hometown Heroes” such as firefighters, police officers, nurses, veterans, and teachers.

According to Vladimir Tchentsov, Chairman of Planet Green Group: “Energy efficient living is a necessity, not a luxury. These homes give people affordability and energy savings with a lot of sizzle. Imagine what this will mean for our families and communities.”

And this line of thinking makes sense.

The majority of green communities are marketed towards higher-income families. But since the majority of Americans do not fit into the high-income category, many of them could not hope to live in a green community. By making green communities like Eco Village, Planet Green Group is making green living more accessible to the larger population.

What are your thoughts on this affordable net-zero townhome project?

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