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Renewables Made 20% Of California’s Electricity In First Half Of 2012

Solar panels at sunset

Over the past several years, renewable energy has taken a big jump in California, and the future is only looking brighter.

For the first half of 1012, renewable energy made up 20.6% of the California’s electricity mix. That’s a 17% increase from 2010. While the state didn’t quite meet a “20% renewables by 2010 goal” made back in 2002, this huge leap indicates the state may be on the right track to make a goal of 33% renewable use by 2020.

While renewables are growing significantly, it’s solar power that is expected to take the biggest leap in coming years. It is expected that by 2020, over one third of California’s total renewable energy will come from solar power.

With 12 solar photovoltaic plants under construction with 2,200MW capacities, and 62 more in development, there is potential for California’s solar use to be much bigger than predicted. Aside from helping to clean up the air, it will also create thousands of solar-based jobs and help reduce our dependence on oil.

With so many energy projects on the backburner or lacking funding in other regions, this is a great model for state governments. It demonstrates what steady goals can do for both the environment and the economy.

via Earthtechling
Image CC licensed by Thomas Galvez

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