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Spark Tablet Case Uses Solar Power To Charge Your iPad

Spark Tablet Case

If you’re tired of your iPad running out of juice while camping in the wilderness, Voltaic Systems has a solution for you. The portable solar energy company has designed an iPad carrier called the Spark Tablet Case which will not only keep your tablet safe and dry, but will also charge it with 4 heavy-duty solar panels.

Voltaic Spark Table Case - side

It takes 10 hours of direct sunlight to charge an iPad. However, one hour in the sun can produce one hour of full video playback. The panels in the case are lightweight, waterproof, and compact, and other  handheld devices can also be charged with the same charger pack.

Voltaic Spark Table Case - inside

While the case is shaped to protect a tablet, it’s also equipped with mesh pockets and lined sleeves to keep more devices in one place. The outer shell, made of recycled soda bottles, is lightweight and durable, with a handle for easy carrying. Solar panels charge the universal battery inside and produce up to 8 Watts of power. The case can also pop open, held up by the tablet, to create a compact work space that charges your gear at the same time.

Voltaic Spark Table Case - Stand

At $299 the price is a little steep, but if you spend a lot of time working outdoors and can’t always get to an outlet when you need it, this could be pretty useful.

Do you spend enough time outside to make a charging case like this worthwhile?

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