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Telecommuting: DoubleRobotics Makes iPads Into Telepresence Robots

DoubleRobotics Double

Telecommuting has just come of age. Y Combinator incubated startup company DoubleRobotics has released an innovative telepresence product called Double. It could be described as an iPad on wheels, or a segway for an iPad. You can control your “double” from your own iPad or iPhone in another location, while the iPad on wheels moves on your command. Check out the video to see it in action:


Using a double certainly seems like it would be a lot more sociable in a telecommuting situation. You could attend impromptu meetings (assuming you want to), and even have those all important office hallway and casual kitchen chats that you’d miss out on otherwise. You could also quite easily work in different office locations around the world without any air travel being involved.

The height can be easily adjusted, and your Double can move forwards, backwards and turn around, all controlled from your own iPad or iPhone at your remote location. The Double only weighs 16.82 kilograms (15 pounds).

DoubleRobotics Double - meeting

At $2,500 The cost of the Double is surprisingly inexpensive, but they can be pre-ordered for $1,999, for 12/1012 delivery. No doubt the price is being kept low to try and hit the mass market; it may just work. I could see some large companies buying fleets of these things to cut down on inter-office travel costs, and to improve remote communications between employees. From a sustainability standpoint, the environmental benefits of this kind of technology are obvious.

Do you like the idea of using a Double, or it this kind of thing not for you?

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