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NYC Uses Kickstarter To Highlight Projects In Low-Income Neighborhoods

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New York City has joined Kickstarter for a unique crowdfunding initiative that will raise money for community projects in low-income neighborhoods in the city.

The city council announced Kickstarter.com/NYC this week, which will highlight a variety of projects including urban farms, restaurants, and art installations around the city. The goal is to encourage philanthropic citizens to pitch in on various projects and help make the city a better place for everyone, regardless of income level.

City officials are calling it a cutting-edge way to promote entrepreneurship and improve access to capital for potentially successful business owners. As quoted by Christine C. Quinn in a press release:

“From East New York to the South Bronx, we’re going to kickstart New York’s low-income communities through our partnership with Kickstarter.” She added that “New Yorkers are still struggling, and we need to do everything we can to give people a leg up.”

Kickstarter has given business-minded individuals and groups around the world the ability to start the projects of their dreams. Some of the projects currently up on NYC’s page include a beatboxing program for blind kids in the Bronx, a floating garden, an urban farm, and a pop-up restaurant.

This could be a innovative way for entrepreneurs and cities to both build up their economies and come together to improve the life of their city. Do you think other cities should follow suit and start crowdfuding initiatives like this?


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