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New York Injects $107 Million Into The NY-Sun Initiative

Solar installation in New York

New York has injected $107 million into its NY-Sun initiative in an attempt to boost the installation of photovoltaic solar power in the state. The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA), who is administering the initiative, is now seeking proposals for relatively large (more than 50 kilowatts) PV systems to be installed at businesses, municipal buildings, factories, and other large industrial complexes.

The first round of proposals are due by November 8th, 2012, with funding made available until the end of 2013. In order to best utilize state resources all projects will need to be co-funded, with each project capped at $3 million. Funding will be made available for PV projects in New York and upstate New York.

In addition, NYSERDA will be expanding its program for small-scale PV installations (projects under 50 kilowatts). A small amount of funding will be set aside for residential (up to 7 kilowatts) and non-residential projects (up to 50 kilowatts).

Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the new website for the NY-Sun initiative at http://ny-sun.ny.gov/.

The move may seem surprising to some, given the recent political clashes over financing for renewable energy at the National level. But New York seems to realize full-well the consequences climate change could pose for the state. New York has already reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 15%, and  plans for a massive bike-sharing program are now well under way.

So far it seems that individual states are far better equipped to implement forward-thinking environmental policies. California is another state with an aggressive environmental portfolio. Do you think similar progress can be made at the federal level? Or is the federal level too tied up in partisan politics to make significant environmental progress?

Image CC licensed by Evan O’Neil: Solar array on Worksman Cycles in Brooklyn

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