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Puma Opens Sustainable, 100% Solar-Powered Store In Bangalore, India

Puma sustainable store

Footwear and sportswear retailer Puma announced the company has just opened its very first “sustainable store”, in Bangalore, India. The 8,600-square-foot building features recessed ceilings for natural cooling, a highly insulated shell that cools without air conditioning, an underground heat-sink system, and a rooftop garden.

The store relies completely on solar power, but more than 90 percent of the interior has access to natural light. When that’s not bright enough, photovoltaic cells kick in to provide clean energy lighting.

The architects crafted the building with recycled steel from old electronics, tiffin boxes, and bicycles, along with porotherm blocks made of waste from the desilting of lakes in Kunigal. The store is furnished with recycled wood pieces and low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint.

The structure of the building isn’t the only green aspect of it. the store will also sell products made of organic cotton as well as the “Wilderness Collection” made by Puma; a line of footwear, clothing, and accessories made of locally sourced, sustainable materials.

According to Franz Koch, CEO of Puma, the company is committed to reducing CO2 emissions, energy, water, and waste in all Puma establishments by 2015. It would be great to see this become a model for many other businesses.

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