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IKEA Carless Town Underway In London, Another Planned For Germany

IKEA’s Strand East

Would you live in a town built entirely by IKEA? It may sound silly, but the global retailer is following up on plans to build a carless, high-efficiency town in London, England and Hamburg, Germany.

The London space is currently a 1 hectare lot full of trash piles, old construction equipment, abandoned warehouses, and rusty machinery, located not too far from the location of the 2012 Olympics. It will soon be reworked by LandProp Services into an IKEA neighborhood called Strand East, a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood of houses, retail spaces, and offices. There will be 1,200 homes available for rent.

LandProp Services has just added another large project to the mix, a similar space in the northern Germany city of Hamburg. Like Strand East, this city will require cars to park at the entrance in an underground garage, and only buses, emergency vehicles, and delivery trucks will be allowed to drive inside. There will be plenty of pedestrian walkways and public parks available. IKEA is currently looking for 12 acres of vacant land to get the project planning underway.

All buildings in the Strand East neighborhood will be constructed with extensive insulation and high-energy efficient systems. The Hamburg neighborhood will likely be similar, but some local real estate agents are doubting the project will actually get underway with the heavy regulatory environment Germany has in regard to urban planning. If it never gets off the ground, there’s still hope for the company in Germany. IKEA plans on building over 100 hotels across Europe, and the first one will be in Germany.

Images: Strand East

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