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Fliz Pedal-Less Bike Concept Offers A Freewheelin’ Way To Get Around

FLIZ pedal-less bike concept

As climate change brings about more attention to individual carbon footprints, it’s no surprise that many people are opting for bikes as a clean, affordable means of transportation. The boom in biking has led to all sorts of bike-related innovations, and this Fliz Bike prototype might be one of the strangest to come out of the industry yet.

The Fliz Bike completely changes the way we ride bikes, with no saddle to sit in or pedals to push you forward. It has a five-point belt system that comfortably and safely straps you onto the frame, and you basically have to do a Flinstones-like run to gain speed and then relax your legs on the rear part of the frame to cruise. Apparently it will cruise just fine on a flat road and going downhill, but if it’s an uphill ride, you’re probably better off walking.

There is no gearing so it’s not as efficient as a standard bike, but it is cool to see a prototype like this that actually functions well. I’d say it would be fun to try out, but I’d be surprised to see very many on the streets since it’s hard to beat a good quality, geared-up bike. For more information, check out the FLIZ Bike website (if you can read German, that is).

Could you see yourself on a bike like this?

Images courtesy of FLIZ

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