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Chic Capsule Hotel In Japan Offers Stylish Yet Affordable Stopovers

Sleeping pod

Japan has a pretty ingenius way of saving time and money for travelers in need of a shower and some sleep. 9 Hours, a stylish new capsule hotel in Kyoto, Japan, was created and named after the idea of taking 1 hour to shower, 7 hours to sleep, and 1 hour to rest while traveling.

Capsule hotels have been around for about 30 years in Japan, but have yet to really catch on in other parts of the world. It is essentially sleeping in a cubby, but the pretty luxurious amenities and minimalist interior still give it the feeling of a upmarket hotel. It’s a pretty great way to attract travelers who are literally passing through and don’t want or need to pay the full price of a fancy hotel. Chances are, if you’re on a cross-country tour or business trip with a strict schedule, you’re probably not spending even 9 hours in a hotel anyway.

Pod controls

The cubbies are about 20% the size of a standard hotel room and 20-30% the cost. This isn’t a replacement for regular hotel rooms, just an alternative way to shack up for a bit while traveling instead of a hotel or hostel. The question is, could something like this catch on in the U.S., Europe, or Australia? With the populations of cities on the rise and space at a premium, this sounds like a killer investment for cities that attract a lot of travelers and business professionals.

Would you stay in a capsule hotel for a night, or do you prefer the spacious feel of a standard hotel room?

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