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Want A Hip New Job? Typical Wind Farm Creates Over 1,000 New Jobs

Wind turbine operations

According to the US Natural Resources Defense Council, the planning, building and operating of a typical utility-scale wind farm creates 1,079 jobs over its lifetime.

If a 250 megawatt wind farm is on the horizon, it’ll likely generate 522 construction jobs, 432 jobs in manufacturing, 80 in planning a development, 18 in sales, and 27 in wind farm operations, the NRDC has said in its latest report. The wind power industry currently employs around 75,000 people in the United States.

Wind farm development

Over the past 20 years, the wind industry in the United States has experienced dramatic growth. Over 50,000 megawatts of wind power have been installed, and American companies are world leaders in the wind turbine industry.

That said, the group also reports that new wind farm development has slowed somewhat recently, ahead of the expiration date of the wind energy production tax credit. It’s been a federal incentive that has helped produce more wind turbines, and jobs. If the tax credit expires, as it is scheduled to do at the end of this year, the growth of the industry could well be slowed.  However, in terms of the wind industry as a global forceto be reckoned with, there’s little doubt it’s set to experience huge growth during the coming decades.

Are you looking for a satisfying career that has great potential into the future? The emerging field of renewable energy may be a great place to start thinking about.

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