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Cannondale Concept Bike Transforms Its Shape As You Ride It

Cannondale concept bike

Did you think the pedal-less bike concept was the weirdest bike invention out there? Think again, because while this Connondale bike from Priority Designs may be more functional, it’s definitely a little out there, too.

The Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle (CERV) is a forkless, chainless, and adjustable bike that transforms and changes shape as you ride it. It made its debut at EUROBIKE last month, where it was praised for its innovative design.

CERV bike concept

The adjustable frame moves front to back, up and down as the bike is ridden. Based on the terrain the cyclist is riding on, they are always in a position optimal for the current conditions. According to information from Priority Design, the frame moves forward and down for a low-drag position when descending. It then creates an upright position for maximum leverage by moving up and back when on an incline. A single-sided swing arm is used to make the shifts and quick changes.

There’s no telling just yet if something like this will ever be readily available to everyday cyclists, but chances are you’ll at least be seeing it at the Tour De France.

Forks and chains are the standard components of a classic bicycle, which can make this new concept look a little intimidating; not to mention the Transformers-esque design of it. Would you be willing to abandon the style of bike we all know and love for something that resembles a velociraptor?

Images courtesy of Priority Designs

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