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India Pushes For 6 Million Electric And Hybrid Vehicles By 2020

Reva electric cars

India has set a goal of deploying 6 million electric and hybrid vehicles on its road by 2020. The India government has already approved $4.1 billion (230 billion rupees) to achieve that bold vision.

Initially, this plan for 6 million electric and hybrid vehicles may seem overly-ambitious. But in India, the majority of its future electric and hybrid vehicles will be two-wheelers. This would include electric bikes, scooters, and commuter cars – all vehicles that would be more attainable for the general Indian automobile buyer.

But where will all these green vehicles come from?

India’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer Reva is a likely candidate, that has so far struggled to achieve a profit. It was bought by Indian conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra in 2010, but India’s domestic electric vehicle market has yet to show any signs of growth. There are very few electric vehicles in India and virtually no infrastructure.

As a result, some are suggesting that India’s goals are not grounded in reality. While it’s great to see a developing country such as India pushing for renewable energy and green transportation, it is disheartening when the country provides no clear indication of how it will accomplish its goals.

Meanwhile China plans for moderate 500,000 hybrid and electric vehicle by 2016, a goal which is perhaps far more attainable. Although the hybrid market in the US is still going strong, it seeks 1 million fully electric vehicles by 2015.

What are your thoughts on India’s recent plans for electric and hybrid vehicles?
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