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Waterless Dishwasher You Don’t Even Have To Unload

Waterless dishwasher

Aside from the fact that doing the dishes is the absolute worst chore of all time and responsible for 90% of arguments in my apartment, it’s also a pretty big energy and water sucker. That’s why this new DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher is an absolutely beautiful invention. Not only does it operate without water, but it doubles as a cabinet so once you’ve loaded your dirty dishes, you don’t have to finish the job with the dreaded unloading process.

So how in the world are your dishes going to get clean without hot water and soap? When the washing cycle starts, the DualWash activates a carbon dioxide cycle, and liquid CO2 is pumped into the chamber. According to one of the designers, it uses supercritical CO2 which “has a very low surface tension, meaning instead of beading up into a ball like water, it spreads out widely covering all surfaces.”

When the CO2 returns to the gas phase, it forces food particles and dirt into a filter, which you just remove and clean when it’s full.

The washer has two cabinet areas, with a sliding door you use to alternate between the clean side and washing side. It seems like a great idea for people who live alone or couples without any kids.

Would you ever consider a dishwasher like this, assuming it’s not leaking CO2 into the air and worsening our climate problems? I’m willing to bet that if this catches on, divorce rates will start to decline.

Via EarthTechling

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