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Seedbomb Vending Machines: The Latest In Urban Guerrilla Gardening

Seedboom vending machine

For only 50 cents a shot you can now help make Los Angeles a little greener, literally. The Greenaid Seedbomb Vending Machine is a new device that dispenses readymade “seed bombs”; a mixture of seeds, compost, and clay that can be thrown into urban sites in need of a little (or a lot) of greenery.

Since 2010, COMMONstudio has installed more than 150 vending machines stocked with a variety of native seeds throughout the city. If you routinely walk or drive through a location you think could use a little lush landscaping, this might be your chance to green it up without getting into trouble.

Greenaid seedbomb vending

The seed bombs are created in a socially responsible manner, made by workers contracted through Chrysalis, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that helps homeless and low-income residents work toward self-sufficiency by earning a living wage.

Social good and a greener city? Count me in.

Would you like to see some seed bomb vending machines in your city too? What other products do you think would benefit your city through a simple vending machine dispensary like this?

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