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‘Washit’ Washes Clothes With Recycled Shower Water, While You Shower


If you went away to college, you probably contemplated washing your clothes in the shower to save the time and money it takes to haul it to the laundromat (or to Mom’s house). That, along with the fact that the average person uses 150 liters of water per shower, is what inspired four Turkish university students to develop a new kind of shower unit that collects and filters used water for showering or washing clothes.

Ahmet Burak Aktas, Slih Berk Ilhan, Burak Solyemez, and Adem Onalan created Washit as a class assignment, inspired by the excessive amount of water used every day in the bathroom. The design they came up with fits easily into users’ lifestyles without limits or sacrifices. It even won the iF Concept Design Award for 2012: Hansgrohe Special Award.

Washit uses a closed plumbing system with two water pumps, three filters, a UV cleaning phase, heater, and a water storage unit. While you are showering, Washit gathers dirty water from the bottom of the shower, hauls it through the filters and the UV unit, and keeps it in the storage unit for use with your laundry.

Washit demo

After receiving the award, the students began the prototyping phase and are working on some solutions and new ideas with the help of university tutors. If this goes into production, this could become a popular investment for those living in dorm rooms or apartments with hefty water bills. It would be great to take a quick shower and wash a few pieces of clothes in the process, wouldn’t it?

How do you feel about washing your clothes in filtered shower water, and vice versa? And how do you feel about the product having “shit” in the name? Perhaps as development continues, a different brand name could make its way to the label.

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