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Extreme! Adventurer Geoff Mackley Gets Close To Raging Volcano [Video]

Geoff Mackley inside a volcano

Whoa, this Absolutely rates and an extreme nature adventure! I can’t think of any place on Earth that would be any more harsh than right inside an active volcano. It’s also truly awe-inspiring to see a raging volcano up this close. So close.

Geoff Mackley is a New Zealand (those crazy kiwis and their extreme adventures) volcanologist and adventurer. He has apparently spent the better part of 15 years attempting feats like the one in the following video. As you can see, just last month Mackley got just 30 meters or so from a raging volcano lava lake on the island of Ambrym in the South Pacific.

Honestly, while watching the video for the first time, I kept waiting for the unpredictable lava lake to send just one splash his way, or just surge up a bit and swallow him whole, but Geoff obviously made it back in one piece. He has said of his latest adventure, “There’s very few places on earth that you can actually truly go and stand and say, ‘I am the only human to have ever stood here’, and such was the case with this place”. Well I’d say so!

The video is nearly 11 minutes, and the extreme action starts about 4 minutes in. It’s worth watching the whole thing.

Image: snapshot from YouTube video
Video: Geoff Mackley via YouTube

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