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Best Animal Photobomb Ever?

Stingray Photoobomb

Out of over 1100 posts, we haven’t posted that many funny or cute animal pics or videos (okay, here’s a pretty cute one though), but this one of a stingray photobombing a tourist snap was just too hard to pass up! Is this the best animal photobomb ever? It’s certainly up there with some of the best ever to whiz around the world at the speed of Twitter.

The image was apparently taken in the Cayman Islands at Stingray City, where people are able to get up close and personal with the odd stingray. This particularly odd stingray seems to have wanted to do exactly that as it got in on the photo action. All three women in the photo don’t look particularly impressed at the animal antics. Classic.

Notice how the stingray even appears to be smiling.

via Reddit

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