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Elegant Wireless Wooden Keyboard

Maple keyboard

There were plenty of cool, and some sustainable, products shown at the London Design Festival, but we think these wireless wooden keyboards, each carved out of one piece of wood, take the cake.

Handcrafted in France by Orée Design, the keyboards are made from single pieces of wood from sustainably managed forests. The company maintains this provides a strong, long-lasting product that is a natural alternative to the standard wireless keyboard. Customers can choose either French maple or walnut, and the grain goes diagonally for a smooth finish that is soft to the touch.

Walnut and maple wooden keyboards

Classic woodworking techniques are used by skilled French woodcrafters and cabinetmakers. Cutting-edge milling technology is used to craft, polish, oil-finish, and assemble each piece in the southern France workshop.

Wooden keyboard making process

The carbon footprint of each keyboard is minimal, and Orée Design says it contributes to various tree protection and reforestation efforts in France and around the world through financial and operational support.

At €125.00 ($160) this is not a cheap keyboard, but they will likely last a long time, and it’s definitely a cool alternative to the boring plastic parts we’ve become accustomed to when it comes to electronics.

Would you try a wooden keyboard, or is it a little too earthy for your technological taste?

Walnut keyboard

Images: Orée Design

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