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Earth Hour 2013 Celebration Video Launched: ‘I Will If You Will’

60+ lights from Earth Hour

The celebration of Earth Hour may be just under 6 months away yet, but that hasn’t stopped the campaign from launching its upbeat Earth Hour 2013 Official Video. The video features a track by Usher and David Guetta: “Without You”.

As many people now know, Earth Hour has emerged from an initiative in just one city, Sydney, Australia in 2007 to become an annual, global phenomenon involving people in over 7000 cities and towns in over 150 countries and territories. Earth Hour’s stated mission is to attempt to unite people to protect the planet.

With this in mind, the campaign is evolving to encourage people to take action beyond that one hour. Earth Hour is asking people to start participating in Earth Hour 2013 now by uploading a “I Will If You Will” challenge to the YouTube.com/EarthHour channel, to “Dare the World to Save the Planet”. You can also participate by accepting one of the existing Earth Hour challenges other people have set. Check out the channel to see what’s already on offer.

When is Earth Hour 2013? Earth Hour is 8:30 pm, Saturday 23 March.

What do you think of this latest Earth Hour video?

Image: snapshot from Earth Hour video

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