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James Cameron’s Avatar Sequels Will Be Solar Powered

Avatar – Neytiri

If you’ve seen James Cameron’s movie Avatar (and who hasn’t?), you know it has a pretty big environmental theme throughout. No doubt Avatar 2 and 3 are going to be similar, meaning there will be even more side-eyeing about the environmental impact of producing such large-scale movie productions.

That’s part of the reason why Cameron just completed a 960 kW solar project with Stellar Energy that provides clean energy to his film production company, Lightstorm Entertainment Inc.

The solar energy system is made up of three large roof-mounted photovoltaic arrays with 3,692 solar modules and three inverters. This creates enough electricity to power Lightstorm’s sound stages and offices at Manhattan Beach Studios Media Campus.

Avatar was the highest grossing film of all time, giving LEI a little extra incentive to harness clean energy for the sequels.

LEI and its leaders James Cameron and Jon Landau are no strangers to supporting environmental awareness; there are also plans to donate a portion of the profits from the next two Avatar movies to social and environmental initiatives.

“The Avatar sequels are a great opportunity to show how we, as a production company, can make clean green solar energy as we go,” said Cameron. “Going into Avatar 2 and 3, we are going to be able to produce enough solar energy to handle the entire electrical demand for our computers and performance capture systems here at MBS Media Campus.” He added that this must be done “for the future, for our children, and as a moral responsibility for the planet.”

LEI is the most innovative and tech-savvy film production studio in the industry, so these solar energy rooftops are a great example of how other studios can save money and clean up the planet without sacrificing quality work at all. Do you think other studios will follow now that such a big name in film has made this change?

Avatar image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox: Neytiri

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