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Second Generation Nest Thermostat Gets Sleeker And Smarter

Nest Thermostat 2

When the Nest Learning Thermostat first came out, we didn’t think it could get much sexier.

We were wrong.

The team at Nest Labs has unveiled the second generation Nest, equipped with a 20% slimmer, more refined design, as well as compatibility with 95% of low-voltage heating and cooling systems in the United States. The first version was compatible with 75%.

The original Nest had a split ring design, but this new version has a single stainless steel ring between the front of it and the wall mount. It also has added support for two-stage cooling, three-stage heating, heat pump emergency heating, and home humidifier and dehumidifiers. The new circular wire orientation will also make it easier to install.

It has version 3.0 of the company’s software, which original Nest owners can receive as a free upgrade. This new software makes Nest even more efficient and capable of customizing behavior to suit individual systems. It should make it easier to deal with difficult and complex radiant systems, and it will make sure forced air systems are starting early enough to reach ideal temperatures in an efficient amount of time.

Interested in bringing a Nest into your home? The second generation Nest is available for pre-order at $249 and will start shipping mid-October.

Do you already have a Nest in your home? Has it been performing well for you?

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