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Man Chased Up A Tree By Rutting Stag In A London Park [Video]

Man chased by rutting stag

With the number of people in the world now, over 7 billion (heading for an expected 9 billion by 2050), the increasing amount of unexpected (other) animal-human confrontation is often no laughing matter. However, it’s difficult not to be a least a little amused by this recent turn of events in a London park.

A few days ago, this video came to light of an unfortunate man who got too close to a rutting stag. As you will see, the stag chases the panicked man round and round a tree before he gets a chance to clamber up the tree to seek refuge.

Apparently the man became trapped after he got too close to two stags facing-off.  One broke away and took off after him instead! Being mating season at this time of year (September to October), people are warned to keep well clear of the deer, but you know the humans. And in case you were wondering, it all turned out okay. The police were called, the deer moved on, and the man was able to make a safe yet hasty exit.

This video is rather reminiscent of another now classic viral video from a couple of years ago, involving an animal and a man in a London park. I’m sure you’ve seen it but it’s always worth another watch for a quick laugh. You know the one, it involves Fenton the out-of-control labrador chasing deer in Richmond Park in London. Fenton’s owner is not too happy with the unfolding situation. It couldn’t be the same guy, could it? 🙂

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