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First World Problems Anthem [Video]

First World Problem – All I have is water.

Here’s a poignant video twist on the now well worn ‘First World Problems‘ meme. You know the one, where relatively privileged people living in wealthy countries bitch and whine about incredibly trivial problems: “Can’t change the channel, the tv remote is all the way over there”, “I’m thirsty, but all I have is water”, “I want to watch this YouTube video, but I’m already listening to music at the same time”, etc.

Judging by the number of YouTube views (nearly 1.5 million) in less than 2 weeks, it has certainly struck a chord with a lot of people. The video, ‘First World Problems Anthem’, is from WaterisLife, which aims to “help bring clean water to those in need”.

By the way, apparently 100% of donations will go towards providing clean water solutions for developing nations.


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