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Jay Leno Test Drives Tesla Model S, Gives It A Big Thumbs Up [Video]

Jay Leno test drives the Tesla Model S

Talk show host and comedian Jay Leno loves cars of all descriptions. On the latest episode of his other show ,’Jay Leno’s Garage’, he has just taken the new Tesla Model S for a spin. In the episode, he chats with Tesla’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen, while taking a close look at many of the cool features of the Model S, including the interior touchscreen controls. Leno even end up answering that burning question in the minds of car enthusiasts everywhere: it’s an electric car, will it do a burnout?

The version Leno tested has the largest battery pack offered for the Model S. This means that the car has a substantial range of 300 miles on a single charge. Leno sums up the experience by giving the Model S, and Tesla Motors in general, some high praise:

“Range isn’t really an issue in this car. The problem of the electric car has been solved.”, and  “It’s a new company, it’s a young company, and I hope they succeed. I think they will. I think this car will be a huge success. It’s very mainstream in drivability. It’s not a shock to anybody, in terms of, oh it’s too outlandish looking for me. It’s a really good-lookig car. It’s a nicely styled car, and it’s made right here in America.”

Watch the 13 minute video below to see Leno taking the car through its paces.

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