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Businessweek Hurricane Cover: ‘IT’S GLOBAL WARMING, STUPID’ [Photo]

Businessweek Cover

This is HUGE, because mainstream media, especially business media, has been all but silent on global warming over the past few years. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, will the tide now turn quickly on climate change reporting?

Above is Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover story and headline: IT’S GLOBAL WARMING STUPID”, with an image of a flooded New York City street in the wake of this week’s Hurricane Sandy onslaught. It’s also no surprise then, that in addition Michael Bloomberg has written an opinion piece endorsing Obama, citing climate change action as a major reason.

Although the link between Hurricane Sandy and global warming has been discussed online, especially in social media, until now it had not been overtly mentioned in mainstream media. By the way, here at The9Billion we have made sure to purposefully connect the dots between increasing extreme weather and climate change – see our recent post How Climate Change Made Hurricane Sandy Worse; Not to mention our accurate (as it turns out!) post from about a year ago: New York Needs To Prepare For Severe Climate Change-Related Storms Now. In fact, scientists have been warning for years about how vulnerable New York is to the dangers of a climate-change related superstorms and sea level rise. It’s worth noting that London has also been warned.

This new cover story by Businessweek is really putting it out there. They couldn’t have been more blunt about it. Bloomberg’s Business editor Josh Tyrangiel has been blunt as well, tweeting, “Our cover story may generate controversy, but only among the stupid”.

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