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Largest Solar Farm In UK Gets Go-Ahead: 125,000 Solar Panels

Solar panels

A plan to develop the largest solar farm in the UK has moved forward, with the securing of permission to build the 125,000 solar panel project. Work is expected to start as early as the end of this month, according to BusinessGreen.

The developer of the project, Lark Energy, has confirmed that is has received consent from the Charmwood Borough Council to build the £35 million solar farm on a former World War II airfield in Leicestershire.

The 125,000 solar panels will be installed between runway areas, which will allow the site to also be used as a driving track.

Construction is expected to be completed as early as the end of March 2013, before a planned cut to the Renewables Obligation incentive for large solar schemes in the UK.

Image CC licensed by Andreas Demmelbauer

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