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Japan’s New Maglev High-Speed Rail Expected To Reach 310 MPH

Maglev train

JR Central Railway Company in Japan has just unveiled the prototype for a new floating maglev train, which has the ability to travel as fast as 310 mph (499 kmph). It’s not expected to be ready for use until 2027, but will travel the 140 mile route between Tokyo and Nagoya in just 40 minutes, half the current travel time.

This system will be the latest technological advancement for Japan’s high-speed rail system. Back in the 1960s, Japan’s bullet trains were implemented and set a precedent for future mass transit projects. These new trains will not only be a heck of a lot faster, but will also offer a smoother, quieter ride.

The Series L0 maglev features a 92-foot-long front car, with 49 feet of it forming a sleek, aerodynamic nose. It is designed to pull 15 passenger cars and carry up to 1,000 commuters at a time.

China is alos working on maglev trains, apparently testing trains that may reach up to 373 mph. So far, the fastest trains tested have reached 361 mph.

Once the railway is ready for takeoff in 2027, the Central Japan Railway Company will expand the route to reach Osaka by 2045.

Imagine the luxury of a work commute traveling over 300 mph. I think a lot of us would ditch our cars in a heartbeat if we had easy access to a high-speed rail like this.

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