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Fashion Retailer Zara To Phase Out Toxic Chemicals After Pressure

Zara protest

After nine days of intense pressure led by Greenpeace and its supporters, Zara, the world’s largest fast fashion retailer, has agreed to phase out toxic chemicals used in its supply chain.

After Zara neglected to respond to a Greenpeace report on textile manufacturers using dangerous chemicals and materials, the environmental activist group decided it was time to zero-in on the company. Zara now promises to disclose pollution data on a “Restricted Substances List” by March 2013, providing peace of mind to those who live near factories and plants in China. By this time next year, 100 or more suppliers will be doing the same thing.

Zara is the eighth company to get on board Greenpeace’s “Zero-Discharge Roadmap”, after the 315,000 activists around the world urged them to change their ways. The popular fashion chain launches about 10,000 new designs every year and requires only about two weeks to get a product developed and on store shelves.

Greenpeace is hoping to get brands like Victoria’s Secret, Esprit, and the Gap on board next. Do you think Zara will set a precedent for other large brands once consumers become more aware of these reports, or will it take similar pressure?

Image CC licensed by Søren Raagaard: Zara detox campaign protest.

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