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A Million Homes In Bangladesh Now Have Solar Power Installed

Solar power in Bangladesh

The cost of solar energy may lead many of us to think it’s only wealthy countries that are starting to use it, which is why the success of the solar industry in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, is so surprising and encouraging to hear.

Grameen Shakti, a renewable energy company in Bangladesh, has been busy installing up to 1,000 solar home systems every day. The company hit 1 million installations in November, shattering the myth that renewable energy is too expensive to be worthwhile worldwide. The demand for energy is high and grid power is limited in Bangladesh, so utilizing the power of solar energy is one of the smartest and cost effective options available for the country.

This is only the beginning of the clean energy revolution, and this example is a result of political leaders realizing grid-dependent electricity was not only failing to do its job, but also failing the planet.

Do you think other parts of the world will get the message and realize Bangladesh is on the right path?

Image courtesy of Grameen Shakti: Solar power in Bangladesh

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