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China Unveils Ambitious Clean Energy Plan For 2013

Wind farm – northern China

China has unveiled a plan to add a massive 49 gigawatts of clean energy capacity this year, including 18 gigawatts of wind power, 10 gigawatts of solar installations, and 21 gigawatts of hydroelectric capacity.

According to a statement from the National Energy Administration, the plan is to “develop energy in sync with the ecosystem, turning from excessive reliance on conventional hydrocarbon energy to more dependence on new and renewable energy.”

Reports are also expecting that these changes will cause China to surpass Germany as the world’s largest solar market.

As the world’s second largest economy, this should help us all in making the hefty emission cuts needed to prevent runaway climate change.

Image CC licensed by Land Rover Our Planet: A Windfarm in Ningxia Province, Northern China

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