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Chevy Volt To Get A Price Drop Of “Thousands Of Dollars”

Chevy Volt charging

Although growing, so far electric car sales have not been incredibly encouraging, but there is good news on the horizon. According to GM President Mark Reuss, the company plans to shave“thousands of dollars” off the price of $39,995.

Even with the Federal tax credit, a Volt will still cost about $32,495. If anything, a price drop to below $30,000 could bring some significant competition to the market. Nissan recently announced a big $6,400 price drop for the Leaf, so it is not unlikely that the price drop will be on par with the competition.

“We’re talking about a transformation here. And transformation takes time,” said Reuss. “We will see the day when we have an affordable electric car that offers 300 miles of range with all the comfort and utility of a conventional vehicle.”

While Volt sales tripled last year, Reuss also noted that it took quite the “political beat-down” during election season, becoming the symbol of the Obama administration’s support for green car initiatives and receiving negative press for failing to meet sale targets set by the company. The plan is to improve the electric motors and batteries, allowing for a better quality vehicle that is also affordable.

What is your take on the future of the Chevy Volt? What kind of improvements do you think will have to be made for a strong shift in public opinion/incentive to make a purchase?

Image CC licensed by City of St Pete: Chevy Volt charging

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