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Colorado Aims To Meet 20% Of Energy Demand From Solar Power By 2030

Rooftop solar panels in Colorado

The Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association has recently announced it will be massively growing solar power across the state with “The Path to a Million Solar Roofs” campaign. Solar and wind energy installations nearly doubled between 2007 and 2011, causing Colorado to become a hotspot for cleantech and renewables.

“The Metro Denver region alone had about 1,500 companies and 18,000 workers in the cleantech sector in 2011, and achieved a 35% increase in direct employment growth since 2006,” said one of three reports from the Clean Energy Economic Development Series. COSEIA is looking to keep these numbers growing through the Million Solar Roofs campaign and 2013 Solar Power Colorado Conference.

“Solar energy is now a $100 billion global industry,” says a COSEIA press release. “As Colorado pioneers its path to a million solar roofs, we’re excited to bring solar executives and utility leaders together to build partnerships for future growth.”

The goal of the Million Solar Roofs campaign is to provide about 3 gigawatts of solar power in Colorado by 2030 through photovoltaic systems and solar thermal heating and cooling systems. Members are looking to achieve this by increasing public outreach and utility partnerships to encourage installations on everything from individual homes to large-scale projects. Meeting this goal would supply about one-fifth of Colorado’s energy needs.

Do you think Colorado will reach this goal? I would love to see some more friendly competition like this happening between states. It would certainly be a good way to encourage the country to take big steps toward greater clean energy initiatives.

Image CC licensed by Dave Dugdale: Rooftop solar panels in Colorado.

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