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Naysayers Be Damned: Tesla Model S Production Reaches 400 Cars A Week

Tesla Model S

Here’s some terrible news for naysayers of electric cars, and particularly naysayers of the viability of Tesla Motors. It turns out that Tesla, headed by very, very ambitious founder Elon Musk, has over the past 3 months managed to push the company to double its weekly production output of the all-electric Model S luxury sedan.

The company has reportedly scaled production to reach its full capacity of 400 cars a week; that’s 20,000 cars a year. This is on par with General Motors’ production of the Chevy Volt. There is no shortage of people waiting for delivery of these cars, either. Tesla is in the midst of delivering on the 15,000 (or more now?) pre-orders it has already received for the Model S.

In the third quarter of 2012, in the process of ramping up production, Tesla lost $110.8 million on $50.1 million in revenue. However, Musk has said that with production now in full swing, Tesla should be able to achieve a quarterly profit at some stage this year.

It appears that compared to when hybrid vehicles started out, electric cars are doing fine. Naysayers be damned.

Image: Tesla Motors

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