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David Cameron Makes Statements In Favor Of Strong Clean Energy Growth

David Cameron

According to Prime Minister David Cameron, it is now crucial for the UK to prioritize growth in renewable energy and other green industries. This is most likely a jab at those campaigning for clean energy subsidy cuts, and those acting as if climate targets are not a crucial part of the present and future.

Cameron has also come under fire from environmentalists who think he has failed to take initiative on important environmental issues. According to the WWF UK, keeping quiet on environment policy would be “a betrayal not just of his election promises, but of the UK national interest.”

Cameron promised to lead the “greenest government ever” when he took office in 2010, but fossil fuel tax breaks and the installation of 40 new gas-fired power stations have not done him many favors in the eyes of many environmentalists.

At the launch of an energy efficiency program on Monday, however, Cameron said “to those who say we just can’t afford to prioritise green energy right now, my view is we can’t afford not to.”

“Make no mistake, we are in a global race and the countries that succeed in that race, the economies in Europe that will prosper are those that are the greenest and the most energy-efficient,” he said. “Energy consumption is set to grow by a third over the next two decades alone. And in a race for limited resources it is the energy-efficient that will win that race.” He also stated that the greenest countries will see the biggest growth in terms of jobs and the economy.

Do you have any faith that his actions will hold up against these statements, or is this another example of why so many of us are skeptical of policy leaders who claim to be concerned about the environment but aren’t backing it up with much action yet?

Image CC licensed by bisgovuk: British Prime Minister, David Cameron

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