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Best-Selling All-Electric Car So Far: Nissan LEAF Reaches 50,000 Sales

Nissan LEAF

Recently we reported that Tesla has now reached it current peak manufacturing capacity of 20,000 Model S sedans per year. At the same time, the somewhat less pricey Nissan LEAF has now reached the milestone of 50,000 cars sold worldwide.

Nissan has announced that it has sold 50,000 cars since the car’s launch in 2010, proclaiming it “the best selling electric vehicle of all time”.  LEAF owners have apparently covered over 260 million zero-emission kilometres in their cars.

Recently, Nissan cut the price of the the Nissan LEAF significantly, in the United States market, chopping $6,400 off the price of the standard-model. The price has also been cut for the UK market, from £25,990 to £23,490. Nissan has sold around 7,000 LEAFs in Europe, and around 19,500 in the United States in 2011 and 2012.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the number of all-electric cars sold worldwide continues to steadily climb. Is the electric car here to stay this time?

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