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This German Town Now Gets 100% Of Its Energy From Renewable Sources

Wind turbines in Feldheim, Germany

If there was an award for the biggest dedication to renewable energy, Germany would currently win by a long way. Record installations in solar energy and ambitious grid-enhancing goals are just a couple of reasons, and now the German town of Feldheim can be added to the list of accomplishments. Feldheim, a town about 60 kilometers from Berlin, is now getting 100% of its energy from wind, solar, and biogas.

Feldheim only has 150 inhabitants, but its dedication to clean energy has made it a hotspot for tourists, journalists, and filmmakers from all around the world.  For instance, TreeHugger recently made a visit to find out a little more about what’s going on, and the result is nothing short of inspiring.

A big milestone for the town was back in 2010, when each resident chipped in €3,000 to build their own electric grid, giving them complete control over electric prices, which are now about 30% cheaper than they were before.

Feldheim’s transition to renewable energy began in the 1990s with the installation of just one wind turbine. The turbines began to multiply as residents began to see the benefits, and today there are more turbines than there are houses.

Wait, it gets better. In 2008, the town built a biogas factory that turns unused corn and pig manure into heat, which lowers heating costs by about 10%. I hope that doesn’t smell like it sounds.

Apparently the next goal is to build storage facilities that will hold two days worth of power. Feldheim sure isn’t skimping on their dedication to clean energy, which serves as the perfect inspiration for other towns and cities around the world that want to make the switch to renewable energy.

Image CC licensed by inksfraktion: Wind turbines in Feldheim, Germany

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