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Google Headquarters Expansion Features Huge Green Roof

Google headquarters

Google has been doing an awful lot to clean up its existing offices and data centers, transforming them into sustainable developments that are as functional as they are enjoyable. The latest plan for the tech giant involves a very green 1.1 million square foot extension at the Mountain View, California headquarters.

The addition will be built on a neighboring 42 acre lot, made of nine bent rectangles linked together with bridges, pathways, and courtyards. The buildings will be about four storeys high, organized according to employee relations. Everything will be heated with radiant flooring. Departments that frequently work together will be near each other, and there will be plenty of space for communal activities and creativity.

One of the bridges will even lead to a green roof and outdoor cafe for relaxing luncheons and social gatherings. Once completed, this will be the largest energy-efficient system of its kind in the United States.

Now that Yahoo employees are required to work in the office every day, the CEO could certainly stand to take a few tips from Google. They’re definitely doing something right.

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