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India Is Developing 1172 MW Of Solar Power Projects Over 3 Years

Solar panels in India

India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has revealed that 1172 megawatts of grid-connected solar power plants have been assigned, and 369 megawatts have already been commissioned and are ready get underway.

The total consists of 131 photovoltaic plants and one 2.5 megawatt solar thermal plant; 65 of the photovoltaic plants contain locally made solar cells and modules.

Earlier this week, an announcement came out that the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh was on track to become the first municipality in the country to set up a solar project to sufficiently power its street lights and water pumping operations. This includes 5 megawatts of solar projects in the city, which will connect to the power grid to perform the intended operations.

The goal is for the remaining solar power to overlap with individual projects and developments such as the one in Andhra Pradesh, particularly as the solar industry begins to invest in India’s much needed grid connections. With a massive population of 1.24 billion and a growing demand for cheap, renewable energy, it’s the ideal place for companies to invest and in the process help a large number of people who desperately need it.

Image CC licensed by Hiroo Yamagata: Solar panels in India

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