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Startup Developing Transparent Solar Cells For Tablets And Phones

iPad screen

There have been all sorts of developments in the world of thin-film solar technology in recent years, and startup company Ubiquitous Energy is adding yet another interesting idea to the mix. The idea is a clear solar coating made of transparent cells that could be layered on top of an iPad or other tablet to turn light into power.

The trick is that the photovoltaics collect wavelengths in the UV and infrared portion of the spectrum, allowing visible light to pass through. This is different from traditional solar cells, which collect light in UV and visible regions and are unable to be made transparent.

Tablets aren’t the only place this technology could be used. If it proves to be successful it could be used on much larger projects, such as building windows, as a way to generate a little extra power. Most windows are coated for maximum insulation, and this could be added to the production process.

The product is still in development, with a little more work needed to generate the necessary power and transparency. Right now it is at about 70% transparency, which isn’t far from the 80-90% needed to work on a mobile display.

If this actually works, I could see it catching on. It would be even cooler if it worked as a screen protector, which many people already use on their devices. Would you use this for some mobile power for your decvices?

Image CC licensed by Gary Denham

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