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Milk The Sun: A New Online Marketplace For Investing In Solar Projects

Milk the Sun

Milk the Sun is a new Berlin-based online marketplace for solar PV projects. The startup’s online platform is aiming to make investing in solar power projects transparent and easy.

Already there are millions of solar panel installations throughout Europe, with invested capital of well over 100 billion euros. Until now, there has been no convenient way to invest in this growing cache of solar power projects, unless you invested in a solar company. Milk the Sun has seen a (potentially huge) opportunity to facilitate the buying and selling of stakes in existing solar projects, and well as new ones. Milk the Sun’s online platform also aims to connect solar developers with land owners open to installing solar PV on their land.

On the beta version of the site, you can search for available rooftops or land to install a new project. You can also search for an already profitable solar project to invest in, or you can list your own rooftop or land for development. Finally, you can offer an existing solar project for sale.

Like eBay and other online marketplaces, Milk the Sun is aiming to lower transaction costs by largely cutting out the intermediary, as well as shortening the development time of new solar projects. This international platform aims to bring together potential solar investors, developers, installers, and property and building owners. The company is planning for the marketplace to be around for the long haul, with listed projects slated to be on the site for over 20 years.

The Milk the Sun site also offers a variety of additional services including insurance, legal advice, technical advice, and project analysis tools.

What do you think? Could this new online marketplace become the eBay of solar power?

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