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With An Infinity Cell You Can Charge Your iPhone Just By Shaking It

Infinity Cell iPhone charger

It seems that there are an endless number of products you can buy to charge your cell phone without plugging it into the wall. The Infinity Cell kinetic charger is the latest device to hit Kickstarter, which powers your phone through the movement of your body.

Created by Ideation Designs, the prototype uses a somewhat basic 3D printed rectangle case linked to the iPhone through a cable. Currently, shaking a phone with Infinity Cell attached to it for about half an hour will give it a 20% charge, and three hours of shaking will charge it completely. Obviously you’re not going to sit around and Shake Weight your phone for three hours, so the idea is that all you’ll have to do is slip it in your pocket or bag and let the movement of running, walking, or biking charge the phone.

The goal is to use Kickstarter funds to create a more enhanced, stylish version, and eventually release an app that will track energy savings, carbon offset details, and give out award badges to encourage users to keep movin’. The Kickstarter campaign is hoping to raise $155,000 by June 6th, and if you contribute $125 or more you will receive an Infinity Cell of your own for the iPhone 4 or 4S.

Would you buy a product like this? If you’re a pretty active person and started using the Infinity Cell regularly, it seems like it would definitely be worth the price.

via TechCrunch

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