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‘[Im]possible Living’ Crowdsources New Life For Abandoned Buildings

[Impossible] Living

As someone who lives in a loft complex sandwiched between two abandoned buildings in Detroit, I am all about [Im]possible Living, a new website allowing anyone to try to make use of abandoned local buildings, whether they own the building or not.

Founded by Milan-based Andrea Sesta, his goal is to get people championing the renewal of abandoned buildings by putting up an address, taking some photo and video, and encouraging other people around the web to help develop new ideas for the space.

Sesta was inspired to create the site due to the neighborhood neglect, crime, and vandalism that often accompanies abandoned buildings, as well as the fact that so many developers fail to consider civic needs when remodeling. “In Italy, there is a big gap between what people would like to have and what investors realize,” he said. “In particular, for the younger population, there are not a lot of innovative services in place.”

The overall goal is to merge investors and locals to one spot on the web, giving community members a chance to voice what they would like done, and investors the opportunity to find a project that caters to what people actually want.

Right now there are only 15 buildings (called “reactivations”) on the site, and the small Sicilian town of Favara is getting quite a bit of attention. Two-thirds of the town has been abandoned, but artists and technologists are taking advantage of the low prices on wide open spaces.

I think this has huge potential in urban areas around the world, especially if they are filled with residents as passionate about city revitalization as they are here. My boyfriend loves talking about what he would like to see done with buildings in our neighborhood, so this might be the perfect place to get started.

What do you think? Would you submit a building onto a site like this to see what happens?

Image:  [Im]possible Living
via Fastcoexist

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