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Over Half Of Spain’s Electricity Came From Renewables In March & April

Solar, painting by John Johnston

Spain’s economy has had more than its fair share of problems, with the 26.7% unemployment rate making a pretty big statement of late. Still, the country is starting to show payoff in its renewable energy investments with 54% of last month’s energy demand coming from renewable sources.

According to Spanish grid operator Red Eléctrica de España (REE), April is the second month in a row with record-breaking renewable energy use in Spain. March had renewables covering 51.8% of the energy demand.

Photovoltaics (solar panels) were responsible for 3.6% of last month’s clean energy supply, hydropower provided 25%, wind power contributed 22.1%, and solar thermal added 1.3%. Overall, electricity demand also decreased by 2.6% from April 2012 numbers.

Two months in a row of clean energy records can only be a good thing for Spain’s economy if the trend keeps up. In Germany, where renewable energy is beginning to play very significant role as well, the unemployment rate is only 5.4%. Obviously, the great thing is that the fuel that now generates around half of Spain’s power is free and renewable.

Image CC licensed by John Johnston: Solar

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