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World Leaders Giving Us The Finger On World Press Freedom Day [Photos]

World Leader flipping the bird

As you can see, French non–profit Journalists Without Borders has produced a series of altered black and white images of some world leaders giving us the finger. The irreverent images have been posted around the streets of Paris in celebration of World Press Freedom Day. The campaign depicts images of leaders considered to demonstrate a pretty negative stance toward freedom of the press in their country. In some cases, that’s a massive understatement.

Putin flipping the bird

The United Nations created World Press Freedom Day in order to remind governments around the world of the importance of a free press. Reporters Without Borders releases an annual Press Freedom Index to keep tabs on which countries are exercising freedom of the press, or otherwise. Unsurprisingly, the leaders depicted in the campaign are from nations appearing near the very bottom of the index.

World Leader flipping the bird

For the record, the top 10 this year are:

1. Finland
2. Netherlands
3. Norway
4. Luxembourg
5. Andorra
6. Denmark
7. Liechenstein
8. New Zealand
9. Iceland
10. Sweden

The botton 10 are:

170. Sudan
171. Cuba
172. Vietnam
173. China
174. Iran
175. Somalia
176. Syria
177. Turkmenistan
178. North Korea
179. Eritrea

Leder of Iran flipping the bird

Leader of China flipping the bird

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