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After Fukushima, Japan Developing New Mega Solar And Wind Power Plant

New solar plant being developed in Japan

Following the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant disaster in 2011, Japan has decided to turn to renewable energy in a major way. Like Germany, Japan has decided to phase out nuclear power over an ambitious timeframe.

Japan has reportedly commissioned the first major renewable energy project. It’s slated for Tahara City, which is in one of Japan’s sunniest areas. The new power station will generate 67,500 megawatt hours of power annually, and cover 800,000 square feet.

The project is set to begin development this year, and will go into operation by next year. Seven big Japanese corporations are involved in the development of the project, including Toshiba and Mitsui.

As Japan has a large population and is highly developed, no doubt this will be just one of many renewable energy projects Japan will develop in coming years. The country is planning to invest around $700 billion in renewable energy infrastructure by 2030. As well as solar and other renewables, offshore windfarms are expected to account for a significant portion of development.

Via Industry Tap

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