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Jamie Oliver Opens Pop-Up, Zero-Waste Diner In London

Jame Oliver’s Diner

Celebrity chef and health aficionado Jamie Oliver has just opened a new restaurant in London that has an environmentally friendly zero-waste policy. Known as Jamie Oliver’s Diner, the pop-up restaurant will serve American-style meals and either compost, recycle, or upcycle every piece of waste that is not used or consumed.

Taking it a step even further, the diner will also use quality leftover ingredients from other restaurants and shops to craft the American diner-inspired menu, and combine it with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

“The diner is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and when the site came up, right in the heart of Picadilly, I knew it was the right time,” said Oliver in an interview with bighospitality.

The menu will include classic American treats such as hotdogs, sliders, pancakes, and milkshakes, but will also include a variety of salads and healthier sides.

“The menu will be seriously tasty but enjoying food is about balance, so we’ll be making sure it’s really clear whether you’re choosing something saintly or a bit of a treat,” he added.

The restaurant is expected to be open for at least two years. I think that if it proves to be a success, it could be a great example of how other restaurants can minimize waste and take advantage of local, seasonal ingredients. Jamie always seem to do great work, so I am excited to see where this diner takes his Food Revolution.

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