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Tesla Planning To Release A More Affordable Electric Car

Tesla Model S

Now that Tesla Motors has delivered its first profitable quarter, has repaid its U.S. Department of Energy loan 9 years early, and the Tesla Model S is garnering rave reviews, eyes (and talk) are firmly on the future.

As its a high performance, all-electric luxury sedan, it’s no surprise or secret that the Model S is pretty expensive – out of reach for most people. Tesla does have a crossover Model X SUV in the works, but that’s expected to be pretty pricey as well. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has previously mentioned the probability of a smaller, more affordable Tesla in coming years, and it seems the company still has that very much in mind.

According to Bloomberg, Musk has recently said that “a compelling, affordable car”, should be able to to be released within 3 to 4 years, by 2017 at the latest. Musk has indicated the car will be priced below $40,000, with a range of around 200 miles (322 kilometers) on one charge. Musk cheekily noted that while being less expensive than the luxury Model S, it will be nicer than the all-electric Nissan Leaf – which could well be the competition for such a vehicle when it is released.

Do you think you would consider buying the more affordable Tesla if it’s as well designed, or as “nice”, as Tesla’s models so far?

Image: Tesla Model S

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